Rivoli Panther

Julia and Panther at Tempo, 2005.

Rivoli Panther

Panther was Julia's first serious showjumper, purchased from Janelle Waters in 2004. The talented and very careful A Grader taught Julia a great deal, and the pair became a very competitive force in the Young Rider rankings, as well as in Junior Equitation.

It was a difficult decision for Julia when we were approached by the Meales to purchase Panther for their daughter Sarah, who was looking to move up from her gun pony to her first serious horse. But Julia had Courchevel rising fast through the ranks, and it just felt right. And Panther then had a pretty cruisy year while his new owner got busy studying for the HSC.

Panther is now back home with Nellie Waters in Dubbo, still campaigning and regularly winning blue ribbons.

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