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Brooke and Cadiz at Wodonga World Cup class 2014. (OzShotz)

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  • Sale Grand Prix

    29th November 2014

    Jess Brown proved she has nerves of steel this afternoon. She was the only clear in the first round of the huge Gavin Chester-designed course which had several obstacles at the legal maximum height of 1.60m. There were nine four faulters who went into the second round, with Jess the last to go. Five of them went clear in very good times, so the pressure was well and truly on. And Casco completed a beautiful clear round to win the $10,000 in prize money for first place.Other place read more...

  • Sale Showjumping

    28th November 2014

    Brooke continues to cement her relationship with Cadiz. The pair have gone double-clear yesterday in the 1.30 and again today in the 1.40-45 class, in preparation for the big Grand Prix tomorrow.(Their personal photographer continues slowly to cement her relationship with her new camera.)

  • Louage by Visage

    24th November 2014

    Karen Owen has sent us a couple of great shots of her talented 7-year-old Louage, by Visage and out of a Thoroughbred mare, who is competing successfully on the eventing scene.

  • Equitana World Cup Class

    22nd November 2014

    Cadiz confirmed his credentials at this level last night by finishing 4th in a strong field. And the John Vallance-designed course was tough enough to have only one combination finish double-clear, but with a time fault. Only two were clear in the first round, and Cadiz was one of only six more on four faults.Twelve out of 22 went through to the second round, and once again the clears were few and far between. Jess Brown and Casco won the class with two textbook rounds that were a pleasure read more...

  • The Younger Overachievers

    16th November 2014

    The younger members of the team were also looking great in Shepparton, albeit a little overshadowed by their older brother. Voltage (Visage-Holland Rose), the first picture, would be my pick in this particular line-up. But Valor (Visage-Blue Crystal), Cashmir (Chequille Z-Holland Rose) and Vermont (Visage-Courchevel) aren't far behind. They all jumped great, including placings in the Futurity and 1.25 classes.

  • Shepparton World Cup Class Win for Cadiz

    15th November 2014

    There were 34 entries for the class today, and because there were so many entries in earlier classes, everything was running late. The first rider did not start much before 5.30, tensions were running high from the get-go, and the course was big. The water jump was reportedly the biggest in Australia, several jumps were maximum height and width, and the final line was a treble with two big wide oxers followed by a vertical, all on a slight incline. Not only that, but time was tight enough read more...

  • Shepparton World Cup Show

    14th November 2014

    Cadiz stepped up once again today, finishing double-clear and 6th, and making the big class of the day look like a walk in the park. Tom McDermott and Limerick won the class, followed by Clem Smith, Tom again, Dave Cameron and Sharon Slater. The rest of the team also looked great in the 1.20 warm-up class, but with over 130 entries, there was little chance of a ribbon. More photos in the Showjumping file in the Gallery.

  • Ballycastle Mon Ami

    12th November 2014

    Another happy customer.........   Dear Mrs Hargreaves,   I want to introduce you to "Ballycastle Mon Amie".  She arrived early this morning and she and the mare are both really well.  I'm so happy to have a healthy coloured filly.   Thank you for letting me send Grandad's mare to Visage, I hope he is well.   From - Sam Watson X

  • Wodonga World Cup Qualifier

    9th November 2014

    The atmosphere indoors at Wodonga is always exciting for the World Cup class, and last night the track was bigger and tougher than usual, just to add to the excitement. Only two combinations out of 24 made it through the first round free of faults. Cadiz made his debut at this level with Brooke, number 10 in the draw, and he did not disappoint. There had already been a few eliminations and foul-ups, but Cadiz took it all in his stride, with only two green mistakes pushing him down to a mid- read more...

  • Wodonga Updates

    8th November 2014

    Another good day was had by all yesterday, and Brooke was particularly happy with Cadiz who jumped a super clear round in the first round of the Betty McVean trophy class, then just tapped one down in the second round which was raised to 1.60, to finish in the top 10.Voltage was again double-clear in the 1.15 class as was Cashmir in the 1.25 class. And Vermont would have been double-clear in the 1.15 as well, had her rider not taken her through the jump-off start before the bell......Luke also read more...

  • Wodonga Results

    6th November 2014

    It's been a great first day of competition for both Brooke and Luke. They produced so many clear rounds between them that they both won the meat trays in the clear-round draw for the day. In addition, Vermont (Visage-Courchevel) finished 4th and Voltage (Visage-Holland Rose) 6th in the 1.10 under 20 points class. Cashmir (Chequille Z-Holland Rose) and Uklarina also went clear in the 1.20 and Cadiz (Chin Chin-Holland Rose) went clear in the 1.40.

  • Jump Club Wins

    3rd November 2014

    The team had a good day at Sydney Showjumping Club yesterday, with Vermont (Visage-Courchevel) winning the 1.10 class for horses under 16 points. Vindication and Jill Waddy also collected a blue ribbon in the meter class. Now prearations are underway for the big trip to Victorian shows in Wodonga and Shepparton.