Attention NZ, Canada and the USA

We are very pleased to announce that Visage is currently in quarantine being collected for the NZ, Canadian and US markets. Frozen semen will be exported to NZ before the end of August and stored at a yet to be confirmed facility, in time for the 2019 season. Semen will be exported to Canada and the States in time for the 2020 season, but will actually be available for export by the end of August.

For NZ, the service fee will be A$2,750 for three doses, plus any transport costs from the facility in NZ where semen will be stored. Purchase of one or two doses will be negotiable. The service fee for Canada and the US is yet to be finalised, depending on costs of shipment.

Please get on touch with, or text Lesley at +612 417 663 027 for more information.