Vertigo Strikes Again

Here is a lovely report from Melissa Garvey, proud mum, regarding recent successes for her daughter with one of Visage's first-born in the country.

"Miss Clover is amazing! In the last 5 weeks we have taken her to an open show, a SJ comp and a combined training!

At the show she placed champion ridden novice

Reserve champion led

4 th open newcomer

1st open rider

SJ 3rd and 6th C grade

Then yesterday immy competed her in her first combined training (C grade) they won the dressage phase by over 15 points, clear SJ round to make them champions for the day, winning their first champ rug together....
with our other pony in second place! Wherever we go with her, people comment on her amazing temperament, looks and movement. So proud to own a Copabella horse."