Our Services

Copabella's success is based on a commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards on every level, and attention to detail in the training and management of the horses in our care. Our staff are a knowledgeable team, who provide 24-hour, 7-days-a-week care and supervision.

A variety of services is offered on a boutique basis:

* Full Board & Training - a comprehensive fitness and training programme is maintained for residents, including regular trail rides and hill work, along with flatwork and jump training at all levels.

* Board Only packages are also available, and include use of grooming supplies, tack cleaning and horse laundry. 

* Dressage and jumping lessons are available for residents and visitors, and clinics are periodically arranged.

* Friendly unofficial competition days are held on the premises.

* Transport to, as well as supervision at shows.

* Assistance in sourcing the right horse is an important part of the programme.