Interesting London Links

Thanks to Copabella's friends and supporters for passing on these links:

From Hayley Coman's blog in Horse Magazine: "Moving swiftly along, to our little Australian show jumping stars, meant in the least patronising way possible.  Wow.  Before I go any further or into any great depth, the obvious point to discuss would be that of the undeniable greatness, and triumphant result of Julia Hargreaves.  Someone I have known for quite a long time, and been lucky enough to see go through the grades, and reach a level that can only be described as amazing.  Anyone who knows her well would agree and find it bleeding obvious that she is without doubt an extremely hard worker, and the dedication and resilience she has shown over the past 12 months especially, served as the ultimate inspiration to her success.  Many could take it upon themselves to judge such a character out of pure jealousy, and fear, but I can confidently say that any rider, aspiring to be good at whatever level, could well and truly take a note out of her book.  Not only did she jump a clean round, without time, but managed to make it to the final.  She did this not only with her beautiful style and graceful horse, but with her ability to fight.  Because anyone who has half a brain can see that she fought harder than many would dare to, and as a result achieved out of this world accomplishments.  Well done Moonshine." 

Check out Rove McMannus's explorations in London. I believe Julia features somewhere.