Copabella YouTube Library

There are many links to video footage of Copabella's horses below. Enjoy.

Oliva 2014:

Besame in France:

 Tallara Barwick and Verdi: 

Dave Cameron and Valor: 

Clem Smith and Tattiana CG: 

Tallara Barwick and Verdi (Visage-Holland Rose) complete their first 1* at SIEC: 

Visage's Comeback 2012: (Grand National Showcase of Showjumping 9-9-12) 

Cadiz in the Futurity with Dave Cameron at Shepparton 2011.

Volcanic with Kirstie Ansell in Queensland, 2011.


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And for additional footage, explore the links below.

WEG footage, courtesy of Hamish and Dave, September 2010:

Visage competing in La Baule, France, May 2010:

Visage competing in Maubeuge, France, May 2010:

Alex Townsend's Vamoose, 2nd in the Prelim at Albury.

Sharon Ridgway's Collage at SWTS 2010:


Visage competing in the 1.45 at Villeneuve sur Lot in France:

Visage, Volcanic, Vogue and Valor (James Arkins):


Volcanic (Anna Dalton):

Vegas (Anna Dalton):

Conspiring and Anna Dalton:

Sharon Ridgway's Collage and Jamie Coman: