Latest News

  • New Zealand Breeders

    4th June 2020

    Please get in touch with Lesley for information on purchasing frozen semen from Mata Mata Vets. Email or call on +61 2 417663027.

  • European Agent for Visage

    4th June 2020

    Frozen semen is available in Europe and the United Kingdom. Please get in touch with Denis Lynch Elite Stallions or call Julia Lynch on +31 6 1557 3243.

  • Agent for Canada and the USA

    4th June 2020

    We are pleased to have Gabriele Roy acting as agent for Visage's frozen semen in Canada and the States. Contact her at or call her on +1 (450) 525 2692.

  • Julia's Contact Details in Europe

    14th February 2020

    Julia is based at Roermond in the Netherlands with her husband Denis Lynch and son Nick. Her mobile number there is +31 615 573 243.  She also regularly checks her e-mails at:, and can be contacted via Messenger on Facebook.

  • Broodmares

    21st July 2014

    The broodmare file was mistakenly removed in a recent website update. Please go to the Past Stars file for information about Hollland Rose, Toddingham, Blue Crystal, APH Cienta, Royal Native and Courchevel. The younger mares can all be found in the Showjumping or Rising Stars files.

  • Copabella YouTube Library

    13th December 2013

    There are many links to video footage of Copabella's horses below. Enjoy. Oliva 2014: Besame in France:  Tallara Barwick and Verdi:  Dave Cameron and Valor: & read more...

  • Interesting London Links

    31st August 2012

    Thanks to Copabella's friends and supporters for passing on these links: From Hayley Coman's blog in Horse Magazine: "Moving swiftly along, to our little Australian show jumping stars, meant in the least patronising way possible.  Wow.  Before I go any further or into any great depth, the obvious point to discuss would be that of the undeniable greatness, and triumphant result of Julia Hargreaves.  Someone I have known for quite a long time, and been lucky enough to see go read more...